Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, we have all the necessary licenses and insurance to operate legally and safely. This ensures that both our work and your property are protected throughout the renovation process.

To clean a new acrylic tub or shower, use a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge. Avoid harsh chemicals or scrubbing pads that can damage the acrylic surface.

To prepare, you should clear out personal items, ensure a clear path for workers, and set up a temporary alternative if it’s your only bathroom. It’s also important to discuss any specific preparations with your contractor.

Choosing between a bathtub replacement or a liner depends on the condition of your existing tub and your budget. A replacement involves removing the old tub and installing a new one, which can be more expensive. A liner is a more cost-effective solution that involves installing a new acrylic layer over the existing tub.

A remodel involves changing the structure, layout, or design of a bathroom. This can include altering walls, moving plumbing, or changing the overall layout. A renovation is more about updating the bathroom without major structural changes, like replacing fixtures, repainting, or updating tiles.

During a free in-home consultation, a representative will visit your home to assess your bathroom, understand your needs and preferences, and provide personalized advice and suggestions. This often includes measurements and discussions about design, materials, and budget.

Contacting us is easy! Call to discuss your bathroom ideas with our friendly team, or we’ll set up a free in-home consultation at your convenience. Alternatively, fill out our online form and a representative will reach out to arrange your consultation.